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 2021 Activities


Post 162 was contacted by Ms. Leah Jerome, Social Studies Teacher, and Thomas McDevitt, Student Council, to see if we would participate in a contact program with our veterans.  We agreed and 17 members signed up to take phone calls from students to discuss our pre-military, military, and post military lives. The program was judged a success and our members and the students all had a chance for meaningful discussions.

Post 162 Members who participated are:

Don Averna                                                           USA  Vietnam

Jim Gerbig                                                            USN  Gulf War

Guido Borella                                                        USA WWII

Ron Kriegl                                                             USA Vietnam

Phil Langner                                                         USA Vietnam

Al Foti                                                                    USAF   Korea

Phil Fonde                                                             USA   Vietnam

Scott Pomygalski                                                  USA War on Terror

Andrew Elbert                                                       USN War on Terror

George DeRosa                                                     USN Korea

Robert Keil                                                            USA Korea

Joe Sgroi                                                               USN Vietnam

Zoltan Horvath                                                      USA   Vietnam

Doug Frank                                                            USN Vietnam

John McGoldrick                                                    USN Vietnam

Garry Pinke                                                            USN Vietnam

Ji Ho Park                                                               USN War on Terror





Another Post 162 Honoree as Bergen County Veteran of the week.

Click here to see the page for Past Commander Phil Langner. 



Past Commander George DeRosa was honored as Veteran of the Week by Bergen County.

See the link here