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Committees for 2018 -2019


All require Commander  approval. 

The Commander is an ex-officio member of all Committees.


Veterans Affairs (including service officer)

Chair A Grimaldi.  Members Matz, Abbadie, Averna


Chair Frank   Members, Amitrano, Fonde, Louisa Toledo

           Memorial Day (ceremony, parade, grand marshal, schools), Veterans Day,

           Posters and Essays, Louisa Toledo

Boys State and Girls State,

Chair Joseph Sgroi,   Members, D. Frank, Louisa Toledo,

Boy Scouts

Chair “Bud” Heymann, Members Curran, Pinke

Veterans Home Bingo

Chair Gela, Members, Matz, Langner,

Public Relations

Chair  D Frank,  Members, De Rosa and Horvath

          Press Releases and Website,  D. Frank & alternate R. Sandt

          Facebook, Z.  Horvath

Flag  Retirement   All/as many as available


Chair Gela,   Members, De Rosa, Matz, & Fionda


Gela and De Rosa

Buildings and Grounds

Langner, Jean, Healy, Ivancich, Heymann, & Matz

Social Activities

Chair Gela, Sons of the Legion

Kitchen Crew

Chair Ivancich, Members, Jean, Heymann, healy, & Amorati

Finance, Budget Ways and Means, Auditing

Chair Frank, Members, Gela, Loeffler

Veterans Memorial Upgrade

Chair Frank, Members, Langner, Gela, Healy, & De Rosa

Honor Guard

Chair Healy, Members, Gela, Moshac, F. Toledo, Matz, Perez, & Maalouf


*All new Committee Chairs persons to be contacted by Post Commander for acceptance.


**Committee members volunteers may be added to augment as determined by the Committee chair person and must be approved by the Commander.